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First timers at the 2020 Yorkshire Regional Contest

Jack trying out the new tuba. Please feed this lad! He's eager to play it but not quite big enough.

Six members ready to play in their first ever contest

Elsecar Bandstand June 2018

Mike Dodd & Finlay Bandfest 2017

On the steps of the statue to Wilhelm the Great, Deutsches Eck, Koblenz, Germany July 2017

Master of the Queens Music - Judith Weir with the band at Barnsley Civic

Christmas Carolling at Elsecar

Charlotte wows the audience with her solo at Bandfest 2016

The hall set and ready for Bandfest 2016

On instrument guard

The Ocean Room, Scarborough Spa

History repeats itself and the band wins 2nd prize again in the 2020 Yorkshire Regional Contest

Second place 2019 Yorkshire Area Contest Section 4

Bandfest 2017 - Guest Soloist, Michael Dodd

Auditions for the Percussion Section

Hey Big Spender!

Bandfest 2016

Joe told us in his own way that he wanted to play Pirates of the Carribean!

Rachtig Church, Germany.

Luxembourg 2011

Carols by Torchlight, Darton School

Our friends Musikzugdeutschherren Band from Rachtig, Germany

Barnsley Chronicle
Young Champions Awards Winners of
Young Entertainment Team 2019
Rhys, front row 2nd from right also won
Young Musician of 2019

Yorkshire Regional Contest 2019 Huddersfield Town Hall

Bandfest 2017 - Michael Dodd

Germany July 2017. Deutsches Eck, Koblenz.

Barnsley Civic, Music Hub Winter Festival

Bandfest 2016

Brodsworth audiences certainly have staying power!

Yorkshire Area 4th Section Winners 2013

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